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Is jQuery pointless now?

It was designed to solve a problem which no longer exist (cross browser support), which now happens in JS itself. So should I even learn learn once I get to it?

7/29/2019 12:57:33 AM

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If you want, just learn it to get extra xp. Whether its pointless or not, I think you just answered it yourself.


You can skip jQuery, go to learn es6 and react.js


As Clavin said, react.js is the alternative that is better to learn now.


Is you already know about how to code in js it then why are you gonna learn it? Just for points? Then have fun.


jQuery is slowly declining in popularity, and eventually probably won't even get used exempt for maybe a few people here and there if its still around.


Extra xp? I'm old, and only going to learn what I need to have a good code before its too late!


It is dying.


Yep. The reason it was created is now fixed, and just learn react.js instead.


Don't need to learn it anymore.


Everything done in JQ can be done in JS, but JQ just takes fewer lines to do the following tasks: 1) DOM element selection, 2) DOM Traversal 3) Event Handling 4) Modify CSS 5) Modify HTML It wont hurt to learn as it can be useful on small projects, and has a quick learning curve if you already know JS but it is not necessary.


I wouldn't call it just don't really need to learn it.


Not pointless. Just not necessary to learn anymore.


Yeah Jquery is slowing declining with its usage and it is now pointless to learn. Since Jquery can help make things work with the help of JS, there are many other frameworks available that will actually help you become a good front developer. You can first learn EcmaScript, TypeScript and then you can choose anyone from Angular, React or Vue js. This is the systematic way of learning JS framework.


For me jQuery is very useful. I use it in almost every my project! It's not very difficult to learn. But decide yourself.


It's fine not to learn it if you're going to work for a new business/startup and you're only going to be working on new projects, but if you work with legacy systems (i.e. large pieces of software that were built some years ago) then you still need to know how to use it.


Yh, it's kind of pointless now I guess... I recommend React JS, unless you're going for more xp though 😉😊


i plan to finish it just for xp too


learn it if you have to. at my job it’s used for some projects


Its not used much but very easy and helpful for DOM


I think it is good if you know about how JQuery works at least at a minimum level. Cause there are still plenty of web dev concepts are written on JQuery. But nowadays learning frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js is much more relevant. And I personally think that Vue.js has a big future.