How can programmers go beyond the topic of coding.

How can programmers implement their knowledge of coding in real life? Is programming only restricted to apps and computers or beyond?

7/23/2019 4:00:19 PM

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Coding............ Coding is definitely not restricted to some app or mobile but it is way beyond our imagination. Coding ..... programming..... Makes our mind and soul think logically and analytically and makes us more efficient in decision making in our daily life. Yes you can definitely implement you coding skills in various aspects of life.If you have that experience then it will definitely help you in each and every aspects of life. Coding is a very useful experience of knowledge.👍👍 Happy coding👍


No, not at all. Programming/Coding is in fridges, robots, computers, ovens, televisions, etc.


Programming is.. Practical - build useful projects for everyone - earn some money, then use it to help others Eye-opening - wonder at the incredible ideas Turing and co. have given us - enjoy exploring the philosophy of logic from Raymond Smullyan and co. - study the ingenious algorithms people have come up with Revolutionary - Make your programming wisdom available to any researchers or businesses that make use of information (i.e. all of them..) and then transform the way they do things. Free up their time, increase their efficiency, help them discover the new gene they're looking for.. - Play guess the next revolution.. AI, augmented reality, blockchain, semantic web, quantum computing.. and ponder its consequences Fun - Make the electrons do things beyond our own brains, like write some code that can beat you at chess. Evolutionary - "Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them" someone said - help increase this number little by little. Creative - Think of less explored areas in which to apply your skills of breaking down problems and modelling systems. - Create imaginary worlds - Make unexpected connections like fractals <-> compression, or a freely editable encyclopedia <-> useful information resource ..and finally something really relevant beginning with T. Hmm, not sure I've helped answer your question in any way - but nevertheless, happy coding!


Much more than working with computers and software, coding makes you a more creative person, it opens your mind and teach you how to think.


being a programmer definately gives you an advantage in life in the sense that you can look at problems from another angle and solve them


The Potential is Amazing now and for the future: Here are some examples of usage: Programmers often work with integrated development environments and are involved in building, fixing, and modifying: +Computer operating systems +Social networking applications +Software-as-a-Service solutions +Automated internet search platforms +Artificial intelligence programs +Voice recognition systems


You can feel the real assence of programming when you relate you're daily activities with it and find solutions to the problems using programming. Then you'll find it interesting...


Computers and apps will touch nearly every aspect of life in the coming years.


The utilization of coding is definitely not useful in things that are not computers but the benefits of coding is significant. It runs our computers, improve our quality of life, and expands our problem-solving skills.


Some of the next big things are Artificial intelligence Robotics Internet of things Cyber security edit: Learn assembly language and opcodes. create a programming language Learn how to convert between binary, decimal and hexadecimal learn ascii study truth tables study the fetch decode execute cycle learn about cognitive neuro science and it’s relation to computer science study the osi model/tcp/ip model to learn how the internet works understand how your OS is organised and learn about the registry.


Paul, your post is very insightful. It reminded me of why I spend my time looking at code and using it to help me with my daily life.




I make use in automations, and solving mathematics, organising books in my home library etc


Coding is to sove problems/needs. So... Who or what has no problems to be solved in the world ?!


Join a Tech forum ...…🤔


Well as an example I started coding with automation in process engineering. So larger chemical plants. Later I programmed a robot in microstructure engineering and this was all before entering professional career so only internships. So it depends on what you want... do you want to tinker around then nowadays the opportunities are even better.. i.e. use a raspberry pie and get a small electronics set <80€. You learn a lot and do not only programm for computers then.


Coding is not only problem solving. It also teaches how computer systems work internally (unless you use scripting languages) You can use algorithms for solving (managing?) real life problems. I don't know if you can use programming language skills in real life or not. I have used KISS principal of Unix shell system in real life during system design


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