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What these users are..

with the name of some user little words are written like "pro" and "mod" ' I wanna know about it.

7/22/2019 6:44:50 AM

Aijaz Ahmed

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Mods are moderators, basically they manage the community content and make sure none of the guidelines of SoloLearn are violated: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1127845/?ref=app Pros are subscribers to SoloLearn who pay a monthly fee in order to get access to additional features that are not included for free users: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/1708193/?ref=app


Be an active part of the community. Participate in the forum, help others with their questions. Show friendly behaviour, treat other users fair and follow the guidelines yourself, while encouring others to do the same. We usually notice people who are active in the forum a lot. Having good programming knowledge / experience will surely help, but you do not have to be the most amazing programmer for this, as I am neither. But in the end it is up to SoloLearn to decide when new moderators should be recruited. When the time comes, we contact the users we think of as suited for the job and a nomination period takes place, where you show your ability to be a moderator. I think that sums it up neatly.


Thanks for giving such type of info


how to get this mod badge .. what to do on sololearn


Thanks for your good guidance..


Mod: Moderator chosen by the SoloLearn admins. They make sure that nobody breaks the rules of SoloLearn. Pro: Paying users who subscribed to the premium membership to get access to pro features.