Is it okay to get addicted to sololearn??

This might seem like an awkward question but would it be somehow good to get addicted to sololearn for a long term? Well, first i thought it would be cool, but then i noticed some level 17 getting disappointed to their addiction.

7/21/2019 10:04:05 PM

LR Fahad

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Addiction of good things are always good....! But there is a limit of everything... If it is not affecting you badly by any means then addiction of this is the best.


You can NEVER get addicted to ANYTHING, whether it's good or bad... Keep that in mind... Addiction snatches away your ability to think about what you're doing, so even if you're doing a great job, you don't get any benefits... it's like imprisoning your consciousness... We all love Sololearn, but as for me, I pity those who addicted to it


But 2 years and 4 months later I'm still here, challenging ever better than before. The real reason why they leave is because they no longer find joy in what they do. It's because they have wavered from their motivation. Like how certain group of people like Krishna Teja Yeluripati were once great community contributors but eventually didn't see any point in continuing his active presence he left. Not everyone who leaves is challengers. Not all of them are not platinum. Worth noting. You only see the level 17s (and the 3 level 18s now) precisely because they are attracting the attention of the community.


Addiction is great as long as you control it and make sure you don't get affected. For example I limit my time spent here and even developed a strategy that lets me use Sololearn and study simultaneously without losing concentration on studies.


As long as it doesn't get out of hand, and its not the only thing you think of.


Addiction of anything not good even if it's sololearn. There is a limit for everything.


In my opinion, we have te be careful about any kind of addiction. Sololearn is incredible. Its a new Community with a lot of different people to know and a huge source of knowledge. The way you learn here is like a game. You feel great when you complete a task. Yes this can be adictive when you get a reward and fill yourself with dopamine. Its normal. But this place is much more than an addictive app. We can learn, meet people, discuss programming. I dont intend to Leave soon so you should not too. So, what you have to be careful, like any addiction, is to dont break your routine and to dont be here all day right? 😂.


That depends, if you are addicted to SoloLearn for learning, practicing and sharing or teaching, its good. If you are addicted just for the extra features, like getting more xp, so its not good.


The stimulus gets smaller after some time: When you got all the badges and your weapon level has risen high so you get only little xp per fight and you know most of the riddles anyway, the fascination should wear off naturally. That would be a good moment to go cold turkey. ;-)


Dr. Doggo [D#] thanks, that was helpfull, but how about getting addicted to challenges? I feel like my video games addictions are coming back as ghosts!


LR Fahad is the same. Challenges are a good way to spend good time with your friends, and also you can learn some things that the courses don't have, but again, getting addicted with it will only take you away from your real learning purpose.


@LR Fahad Not at the cost of neglecting other important things in your life.


LR Fahad yeah, it does. And it is nice when you are getting more and more, but that is just an extra, and it should not be your main focus. Believe me, i was also addicted to xp and i enjoyed a lot, but remember that your main purpose here is to learn coding.


nope not at all..... especially if you have migrains and a fast battery 🔋 draining phone 😊


Yes and no.


Every Addiction have their own disadvantages bro and if you have social media addiction (Any App) means it is more worse than Harmful addictions it is already tell by the research that social media addiction is more bad than harmful addictions so if you are just using this app for learning then it will give you good knowledge like using it just 2 or 3 hours in an day and then do other activites in your life - '1)Rather than doing 24 hours 2) Do not sleep in nights . (At least you have to sleep at least 7-8 hours in night if you are not taking sleep for devices then you can think you are addicted ) 3) And try to socialize with environment to see the life is not just small like this computer or phone window. 4) You can do an test to see are you really addicted to your phone or anything like in an week don't use that thing for 3 days . 5) Everything should be do balanced in life it is important for life if we get addict these things it will cantrol you will not cantrol them think of it ..... :)


Dr. Doggo [D#] But xp does work as stimulus, right?


Hello fellow addict! 😊 It's perfectly normal... In fact addiction tests your perseverance. Good luck 👍🙃


My new addiction definitely lol😂


Kai Hiwatari i feel that 😳 😑