If there any programming exams that is certified by world coders academy. ?

Such as C,C++,C# and for Java then web development? Please don't delete this Mods

7/21/2019 4:04:01 PM

Aung Thiha

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Yes , there is an ethical hacking council. You can search it for. You will be called as a certified ethical hacker by this exam. For this exam, you need to visit to the site named like ec council.


Knowing the required courses for a coding job is usually enough along with a degree in college.


Harsh Soni big thanks dude😁


Oleks Stasev I didn't say that I want a certificate dude. I asked that world's certified exam. Certified for what our status.


Ooops Harsh Soni it's useful friend. But which languages are allow there?


Yes. But I'm not computer science student. I'm outta there.


There are also free Harvard University course available online, u can learn for free of cost, but u should pay for certification


Every language which are required to be an ethical hacker. You can search for its syllabus.


The Oracle website provides info on Java certification.


Nowadays your git is your best approvement


GoLang, TypeScript and Python


Why do you need certifications? Do personal projects, that's what actually matters. That's where you showcase your knowledge, and something you can actually talk about during your interviews.