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PYCHARM (+ libraries) vs ANACONDA

As title suggests, I've a doubt: I'm planning to install Anaconda and all libraries preinstalled for data science (pandas,matplotlib,jupyter,numpy). However....I know it's really huge in terms of size. So, I was wondering if it wasn't a more suitable idea installing these 4 packages in Pycharm. I followed several videos and tutorials and it seems quite affordable (unlike many comments out there reporting problems in the process of installation). According to your experience, which option do u suggest? Ah, for now I'm not considering VS code

7/19/2019 11:54:34 AM


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polargnome choose not pro version


Maybe for data science anaconda is better?


As already said, I KNOW that Anaconda is better for data science. My question raises from a concern for its size. So, AS A STARTER, I'd like to use Pycharm + the 4 essential libraries above reported. My hope is to save a lot of memory. My question is how to accomplish this task while avoiding problems in installation process.