[Solved] I can't run this code. Can you? Thanks for your replies guys. You're all the best.

For the umpteenth time, trying to run this code outputs error in connection which is false, as I can run other codes effortlessly. If you can run it, what do you see? https://code.sololearn.com/cttPHKr8Nq7A/?ref=app

7/19/2019 11:04:05 AM


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Output: a b <> < > c d


Miraz, your code runs fine on my device and I see the same result as the others. It's a glitch.


I can run


Thanks Rora


Thanks Sick Line Bro🌡️ same result as Vitya and silentlearner


Nahh.. not what I'm expecting. I expect to see a number indicating the length first.


Thanks LIOÑ and Bastien GERMANY (LeGerme)




Isuru Dewpriya It isn't safe to put your private info online. You know that, right?


pedram and Shivshankar Mishra there's a line you've missed. Is it that you can't see it? If yes, did you run the code on mobile or PC?




Miraz😳 I can run Here's what i got when i run on my phone: 14 'a\tb\x07<\x02><\r>\x08c\nd' a b<>< >c d


Yes I can run it.


14 'a\tb\x07<\x02><\r>\x08c\nd' a b<>< >c d


Yes Miraz it works 😌


it haunts me too Please try again later 😂😂😂


14 a b<>< >c d Here’s what I got


just try your hurder bro and u will be able to code it


Yes it runs... Here is the Output: a b <> <> c d


14 a b<>< >c d