Why don't show the texts and the input request together?

I've written some codes and when I run them it pops up a text bar where I have to insert the input, but it don't shows me any of the texts that are needed to understand what's happening. An example on Python: print("Welcome to the main center of spacial travels.") destination = input("\nIf you want to go to Mars, insert 1;\nIf you want to go to the sun, insert 2.") If I run a code like that, none of the texts will be displayed before the input request pops up. So, when an user execute this code, it's not possible to understand that what's happening.


7/17/2019 8:53:05 PM


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Just on Sololearn. If u run this on a python shell or some text editor, u will see the the texts first.


O sistema que a Sololearn usa é desse jeito, mas normalmente vc veria a pergunta antes do input.