Well done Sololearn technical, thank you.

Good to see you all again! 😁💞👏🤝

7/17/2019 4:52:53 AM


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Welcome back Calviղ! Thanks for marking this "not a question" we will try to be patient with q&a as we know this was a difficult experience for many members. That being said we will be marking these mfd after a short period of time.


Welcome Back to all Sololearners 😊🤘


I missed the community so much... Good to see you all😊


That day I realized I can't live without sololearn.... Welcome back...!!


Felt like the entire day 😁 long downtime


Hah! So it was Sololearn 'runtime' error! Thought it was my end here, anyway great to be back!!!!!!


It came back JUST in time to continue my streak. 😊 Glad to have it back.


I posted a heart felt Code too


Anhjje 🐿 Actually it was about a day


Good thing it came back. Now I need to start challenging to make up for the missed 1k XP 😂


omg that was painful; dont leave us again, we love you!!


Today again it went down for few mins.


I love u sololearn 😍😍


Go ahead


"I m loving with app"


I was on vacation - I kinda missed this: I didn't know what happened; Where i was camping at there was Wi-fi by the beach, so as usual i go to the beach almost every day (while i was camping). And the one day, i see the wifi was on, and the other apps (youtube, google...) work, but Sololearn says No-connection; I thought maybe Sololearn takes stronger wifi connection. I tried everything, but it wasn't working. So i didn't know this App issue happened . ____


Welcome Back to all Sololearners


plz help guyz : https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1875561/database-structure-for-a-post-n-its-likes-and-comments-etc