What differences between learn AI and language learning ..... which one is better to learn ????

7/15/2019 9:46:41 AM

S.M.[Never Give Up]

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AI stands for 'Artificial Intelligence', and can be pretty loose in its definition. If you want to get into AI and programming, you would have to learn the basics of both. The difference between AI and language learning is that an AI is a concept, while language learning is the language itself. For example, you could create a chat-bot with javascript. The bot is created with javascript, and the bot could be defined as an AI (analyzing user input and responding with coherent responses). If you want to get into AI, I could recommend you check out a free course on AI basics: https://www.elementsofai.com/


AI just an algorithm. Some times really difficult. But all this hype about AI, BigData, Mashine learning, and another popular application today really fun to me because its just an alghorithms to do some task and it was invented 30-40 or more years ago. Can you imagine that in 1948 on G20 politics seriously talking about merge sort algohrim? 🤣 I mean i think if you wanna be a sucessful programmer u should first of all know programming language. Alghorithms second. Difficult alghorithm at very least.