how to make "☰" as an icon for a navigation bar?

when coding in sublime text editor or any pc IDE

7/14/2019 11:06:02 PM


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Bootstrap has that icon if I am not mistaken. Else, you can either: - Use <img> with a picture of it, either online or offline. Preferably a PNG. - Draw it out yourself with <svg>. It ain't that hard to draw, just 3 thick lines.


If you want custom icon: Use empty element (for example, <span>) and its pseudo-elements(::after, ::before) and make some simple styles with them. Later I will send you code


abba_ktg the icon is named &equiv;


First create a nav bar using nav tag And create a button tag in navbar And you are create a icon in navbar using this tag <Span class="icon"></span> <Span class="icon"></span> <Span class="icon"></span> Write three times and get three icon. Give me up vote ☺️☺️