Can you have followers if you are a web user?

I'm curious because I don't see anything about followers, and I know its an app function.

7/14/2019 12:43:00 AM

Green Ghost

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Green Ghost You currently have 117 followers. EDIT: 125 followers and counting.


Yeah ! You're using website (as I checked) and have 125 follower . You can't see but still have and it increases after your good codes 😊 You are doing best , nothing is in App version in the name of learning . By challenging no body can write a code so keep learning there without addiction of it.


Green Ghost I already told you Web user has a lot of lack of features Like you can't play challenge,contest organise by sl and also a chat feature And follower that you asked Solo learn app is best for learn coding !! In Web you have no followers But in sl app you 123+ follower


Can you see other people's followers. If so, you could check my profile since I'm still a web user.


Wow. Thanks for telling me @Diego!


I don't think so. The web version lacks many social media type functions.


Yes. I am a web user and I have at least 20 followers.


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You can have followers by doing something you are really good at, not necessarily web designing. Just be good at what you love & do, followers will come before you even know it (;