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What is the best time for coding..??

I mean to say that which time is best where anyone's concentration level would be good. Morning or night?? Or something other...

7/12/2019 6:43:28 PM


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It depends on your time of day. It's different for everyone. Some people can concentrate better at dawn, others evening and even midnight, while some very strange people reach peak concentration in the "afternoon" with rock music playing in the background.


The best time is now.


Whenever you feel like you lose yourself in what you are doing. That's the BEST time for you. Obviously to code 😊


Thanks for helping me everyone... 😊😊 I can't mention everyone's name...


I prefer night sis 🌃 you can concentrate more at night and most important there's no disturbance .


Around midnight maybe 😂😂 After homeworks with a tension free head.. .


Honestly I will say, wherever you get free time... Working at night and not getting enough sleep at teen age... May cause problems... Health is important than anyother 😁🤙


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Aashka Sinha you could say Thank you @everyone 😂 That work 👀 Think outside the box 📤😉


Maybe his/her phone is in his pocket or his/her child is playing with phone 🤔🤔🤔


Bro you forgot about school🏫 Doug Reehill she is school student... She can't code at 10am (late morning) your idea will work on weekends (•‿•) Nice idea 👍


When you're ready to code😁😁


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Mehdi Eslami 😂😂😂


It depends if your morning or evening person. It can also vary on availability also.


Picasa why?? Give me a valid reason


Doggo# 😂😂😂 really plz help me in this method 😂😂


Adam Abdul you mean we should not do coding in rest seasons 😂😂😂


Day 'N' Nite. As Kid Cudy said before.


As Picasa i use to code at night, its when i get more ideas and focus more in it.