What is the purpose of c++ array during app development?

7/12/2019 1:57:41 AM

Shakil Hassan

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Array is a type of data srtucture. There are other types such as linked list & trees. They are used in a variety of ways.


In simple words array is like wide space to store multiple details or values.. Using loops you can use them in many apps, softwares.


Array mean que or value are asign one by one.let me explain array uses..for example we will take any empty cup. And we have two variable such water and oil.now we have to store both variables in the same cup.but we can't dived both variable once we stored in cup.because it is contain single space or folder. Hence structure was found for avoid the array space problem .because structure contain several space or folder for save many items. For example you can store water and oil in one container with seprate folders.that is structure...


Shakil Hassan You would use Array to store the name of your 1000 customers named Customers of size 1000 and not 1000 variables declared again and again in your Code.