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Interactive Code - Python

I like having my codes be interactive - I ask a question and based on the response I get, I give a different answer. Unfortunately on SoloLearn's Code Playground, it looks like you have to answer all the inputs up front (instead of getting a prompt each time a question comes up like how it is in an IDE like PyCharm). Is there any way around this? I'd like to share my code and get input from others on how to improve/if they like it, but I feel kinda limited this way. Thanks!

7/11/2019 3:27:25 AM


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You’ll have to use an offline compiler. Online compilers do not allow communication with the code. You can do what I did and convert your python code into a JavaScript/HTML/CSS format (Web) and it you’ll be able to interact with it :)


Thanks! I didn't realize online compilers didn't allow interactive communication (I'm still pretty new to code, especially Python). Looks like I'll have to try out converting it to another format. Appreciate the help! :)


Corrin Enter data in separate lines upfront like name sex age hobby (press submit) it will atleast run here