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Why python is fun


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I like this question. Although slightly offtopic, we all like fun stuff, dont we? That said, imo, python can be fun for scraping anything on the web.


Because of its syntax The syntax in Python helps the programmers to do coding in fewer steps as compared to Java or C++. 


import this


I‘d say it‘s mainly because it hardly feels like a programming language, but more like a normal language: ———————————— • sorting a list: list.sort() • Creating a function: def greet(name): print(‘Hello’,name) ———————————— The syntax and functions are focused on readability rather than performance. Read more about it here: https://medium.com/@propagandra/understanding-how-code-is-executed-464c95e24b0b You also don‘t need to compile any code to run it and there are many libraries (called modules) you can use to avoid any complicated stuff.


Imo it's fun because the syntax is pretty straightforward which makes it easier to pickup for beginners and grasp the basics of programming language like if you want to print Hello World you simply say: Print("Hello World") And for doing the same thing in java you have to first make a class then main function and then write: System.out.print("Hello World"); Secondly I love how you don't have to deal with those brackets while using loops and if else statements and how indentation works so perfect. Plus there are countless libraries in python by importing which we could do so much complicated stuff easily.


😀 because all programming languages are lots of fun 😊


Hahahaha, just run this >>> import antigravity You'll be flying then 😆


because of python Dao!