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Can you develop games using python AND c++?

Is it possible to combine different coding languages to make one perfect solid game? Like for example, Java and c#. What would be the benefit? If you even can manage to do such a thing? This would be very helpful in my game development in the not too distant future. I really want to see result of python and c++ to be in one game.

7/11/2019 1:14:59 AM

Jayden Jackson

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Yes, It's possible, for example, Godot is one of the game engine that can mix Python with C++. (not exactly Python, but more Python-like, named GDScript) Usually, people mix the scripting languages and the 'core' languages. Scripting languages for easier to maintain, make simple task, prototyping. And 'core' languages for critical performance (e.g. complex calculation, graphic manipulation etc.). And, I think Java and C# is in an awkward state, because both of them can be considered as 'core' languages.


Whoa thanks Rikimaru!