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Hey guys, are there any other Unity developers on Sololearn?

1/25/2017 2:25:55 PM

Caleb Jore

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I am making a 3D platformer with Unity.


I am making a 3d independent platform 3rd person game.


um.... Ive tried making games, but they were all failures. a little help would be useful


what do you have trouble with?


have you done any of the tutorials?


well I am not sure how to help with no info really to go off of. id say make sure your using the right script like .js or c sharp. but if monodevelop says there is an error it's going to tell you which line exactly that you have an error


copy paste its hard to say what's wrong..... if you really have no clue what your doing you may need to keep watching videos and dedicate more time to learning this craft if your really interested. or try an easier platform. go to code.org if you'd like to see different languages at work.


When MonoDevolop tells me that something is wrong, I don't understand how it's different from what I see. I'll keep trying and get back to you later. thanks for the tips though!


yeah, that's the tough part sometimes it takes hours to find out you attached the script to the wrong asset or forgot to tag said asset or spelled a word wrong . hang in there and if all else fails rewrite the script from scratch. ask yourself this question "what am I assuming is correct?" .


alright, I'll try that and get back to you later. thanks for the help!


I've tried the tutorials, and I copy stuff word for word, but MonoDevelop says there's an error.