Decision making

7/9/2019 6:39:37 AM

Queron Ogle

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Ipang sure that's true, but basically you are limited with php a bit. I'm not saying that it's a wrong decision to go, im working with php nette so it would make no sense of me hating it =D I'm just saying that asp has lighter future


Sorry about the tags..im new here ill get the hang of it. I asked because we doing ASP.NET in college but i see alot of PHP floating around just wanted to hear other opinions


I guess asp.net has bigger future, php is hardly based on frameworks for long time and for example usage of mongo js dtbs and others are lowering php chances.. But that's just my view =)


Krysto Foxik 🐥 I'm not saying either one was better than the other, I was reminding the original poster about the importance of tags in question. I'm not sure what you meant by limited with PHP, but then again, I know very little of either of those. My intention here is to remind the importance of Relevant Tags, not to encourage/discourage anyone from making a choice, everyone is free with their choices and opinions, I'm not standing in one's way : )


Queron Ogle I got it, no offense bro, just for future reference, peace 👍


Your tags are irrelevant, both ASP.Net and PHP can link and utilize databases.