[SOLVED]How to manage time for coding? Any idea...!!

As I am a student of class 9th, I have many works like to complete homework, preparing for tests and exams, projects and many more... So I want to ask how to manage time for coding?? Because I can't find time to learn coding nowadays... Please help....!!!

7/7/2019 4:16:31 PM

Aashka Sinha

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Aashka Sinha hi, It's very easy to manager the time according to your confert. 1) firstly I would say in school or in college both have so many things to do beside the programming like so many internal exams and assignments and practical so if you start to manage your time from now then it would be more good for you. 2) as an 9th class Student you should have 6+ subjects so you can manage to get 7-8 hour free from your whole day in this 7-8 hour 6 hour spent in study and then 2 hour do your coding stuffs 3) in board class 10th, 11th and 12th you should focus on study more then coding as this three classes will get you chance of being selected in IIT and best engineering college if you start your preparation from 10th then it's really good for you in 10th you have 6 board subjects prepare for them by giving the whole time and do coding in your spare time or just watch some video of half hour and practice that concept of programming and after that spent your half time in study.


That is a big problem. Well I started coding 3 weeks ago, in USA it is summer break now I'm going to code every day. My goal is to work atleast 30mins everyday during school days Well Im going to take computer science class next year so I may be coding everyday :)


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 thats why i hate indian education system ... its all *[redacted].. teacher only need marks they only know to take lectures and not to teach enjoying learning.. i have 0% hope on teachers i started self learning from 9th grade *[Edit Notes by David Carroll] Prashanth Kumar Please refrain from using profanity.


I just want to say one thing ....time doesn't stop for anyone...but the only thing we can ask for time management...make time and do something you are passionate about. I know its hard but u have to work hard if u like something


Prashanth Kumar Please, DO NOT use inappropriate language!!


Really? 🙁 Bangladesh's education is quite creativity based these days 😊 and we'll have Html and C from class 11... I can't wait 😁


Aashka , Humayra🇧🇩[#LumosMaxima⚡] can answer well ,ask how she manager her time. (Little Champ in India also HTML ,C etc subjects before 10th class if ur bord is CBSC ; I've learned html from my nephew book) ☺️ I'll recommend you code in evening/just after dinner when people use social media. 😊 ☺️ I've read all comments, most are blaming Indian education system. ☺️ 🤔 🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 you've to learn other subjects too , yiu can't code without good knowledge of math also... 🤔 😐 You can't play Language , social science etc as code 😊


I'm in class nine too😅😅 and I also barely have time for Sololearn these days... I'm coding today, and tomorrow morning is Maths exam😵 thanks for asking the question, sis... It helped 🙂


i had that too .. i didn't took that seriously i was sitting watching yt tutorials during my board exams in 10th xD don't worry about that idiotic home works .. they wont help u in future


Hi Aashka Sinha 😉 I am too in class 9th so I can answer your question. For me it's also hard to find time until I am determined to forget about marks and percentage and rubbish tasks and focus on coding. Well in class 9th I guess you can easily get 4-6hrs free daily after school if no further IIT or neet coaching. So it's your choice if you are gonna do some rubbish home work mug up your text book prepare notes or be separate from world and code alone. Yeah I surely chose the second option. For more details you can always pm me


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 yes should quit the games. By the way I don't like online games and also never play pubg or COC. I feel proud.


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 thankuu


Roshan, 🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 , Although I'm not from India, I've read in my Bangladeshi school textbooks that India controls 14% of IT sector of USA (dunno if it is true, but I'm pretty amazed😄), so I guess it's not that India is ignoring CS or something... And if you all are angry at the education system, FOLLOW THE EDUCATION SYSTEM, AND WHEN YOU HAVE THE ABILITY, CHANGE IT... That's the best way... I'm speaking up about my country, Bangladesh... Although our coaching-notes-guides-exams were quite horrible, they're definitely improving... And guardians are getting aware of the whole Flourish_your_talents concept, so luckily I didn't suffer from the education... In the meantime, I quite enjoy all the exams and competitions 😅 And keep up with my hobbies and passions all the same... About the question... I'd suggest doing works in priority basis...if you don't spend your free time doing worthless stuff, in the end of the day, you'll surely have some free time... just utilize 🙂


Aashka Sinha you from India right? well I also studied in India , I know we have to take what everyone takes, but In USA it is different we can pick what class we like(5 class required and 2 class what ever we like) so I planned to pick computer science :)


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 Ohhh great 😁😁


I guess if you don't have a lot of time, it is about making the little time you have count! For that, identify what activities don't really help you progress a lot. For example spending much time here 'socializing' probably doesn't do a lot for your improvement. On the other hand, *writing code with your own hands* is probably the most effective method to make progress. So I would try to do that a lot (within the margin of what I can do). Personally, I think a good repetition schedule for what you learn, although it feels slow, might be quick in relation. Because how can you waste your time more effectively than by learning something... forgetting it... learning it again (while True)...


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 I'm not representative of India , Aashka Sinha will give you further answer (unfollowing QaA). 4time population of america is in India , so population is only one reason to cause of these, they first filter on a minimum (60-65 % marks) mark basis then after have exam and other things.. You are developer it mever mean that you don't need to know biology , history 😊😊 it's hilarious reply but I'll not understand , u may ask to ur teacher to get answers. For being a doctor/engineer etc english is necessary , whole books are in english what if a best book can't read because of grammar? 70% mark is too high to be a doctor but you've to pass in the medical exam otherwise 99% is also low scoring as their rule to pass in medical is first thing. For some rule is also based on locality , like in IIT (Engineering) only India can study


I believe that the time we are wasting in using social media should be used in coding but not in the day. In the early morning or late night. Coding needs total silence, of course. 🔥


🇮🇳King🇺🇸Daniel🇫🇷 or just limit those games.


First of all learn to follow your passions.... devote a day for coding..... once a week..... other day you can just grasp concepts.... and after you reach class XI opt for computer science as optional...... You would have a chance to learn C++/sql/python in this way...... and after class XII you can take computer science honors to devote your TIME to coding completely...