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Why not a compilation error?

Can someone please explain: int n1 = Math.pow(3,4) --> compilation error int n2 = 0; n2 += Math.pow(3,4) --> no error why java only cast to integer in the later expression?

7/4/2019 5:01:12 PM

Mind To Machine 💻🕆

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Mind To Machine 💻🕆 might you mean n2 in place of n, It is behaving like implicit conversation, good link for it where it is explained very nicely https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2696812/varying-behavior-for-possible-loss-of-precision thats interesting I was not knowing about it previously.


int n1= (int)Math.pow(3,4); it will work correctly, as Math.pow() returns a double type value, and we are trying to assign it to integer type variable, so we need to do explicit typecasting. what is datatype of variable n ?


Gaurav Agrawal i understand that part but why you dont get an error for the second part? int n2 = 0; n2+= Math.pow(3,4) edit: i checked my post and realize it was not what i meant. i meant " why NOT a compilation error?"


Gaurav Agrawal me again 😅, i meant n2


Gaurav Agrawal thanks for the link now i understand