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AngularJS binding with JSON

I have the following code: //AngularJS JSON Fetch var usrModule = angular.module("usrProfile",[]) usrModule.controller("usrController",function($scope,$http){ $http.get('bin/js/user_1.json').success(function(data){ $scope.users = data[0]; [...truncated code] }); in the html i have <img src="{{users.profile_image}}" class="img img-responsive">. Angular is loaded in the head. The brackets are not updated by angular, as in they appear just as they are. I tried ng-bind on another DOM that was misbehaving and it returned blank. The json is {"User":{[..truncated code..],"profile_image":"linkToImg.jpg"}} What am I missing? Also, is there a work around for combining Bootstrap and Angular? Bootstrap JS requires jQuery and is throwing that error, even though angular's website said it has some form of jquery in it.

1/24/2017 10:06:38 PM

Louis Milotte

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if the brackets are shown in the browser, then angular or your userProfile does not load. make sure you have: * load your app with data-ng-app="usrProfile". * load the data-ng-controller="usrController". *load the java script file of your app after the angular core file. If this are all done and you still have problems, please show us your html code.