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Html+css newbie project

After finishing html+css plus bunch of challenges against other different ppl with different lvl's. I would like to challenge myself before i start JS, by douing some project where i can use what i learned. Any suggestions?

7/3/2019 12:34:51 AM


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You can create really nice stuff with css. Check Mitali's codes, she made some great codes by using only HTML and CSS. Here's one of the amazing codes she made: Trying to create these kind of animations will definitely boost your HTML and CSS skills.


Build a static website - just a plain html document that uses HTML to lay out the page and CSS to make it look good. Incorporate some images and try to make a layout you imagine to be attractive or search on the web for some inspiring color schemes, layouts or design features you like. First get an idea then try to make it happen with the code you know, that’s how you learn. Good luck!