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What is noSQL

Can anyone explain what noSQL really is? (In Very Simple Language) I have got some experience with RDBMS like MySQL but I can't understand as we can use SQL why we should have noSQL ? Is it necessary to know about noSQL for full stack development ? And I also please sololearn to have a lesson about noSQL.

7/2/2019 8:30:28 PM


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NoSQL simply put is a database that can store a wide variety of data formats. NoSQL databases are good for data that varies in schema, such as different documents in JSON that have varying properties. The necessity of noSQL depends on your project and I’d familiarize myself with it if you intend on developing anything seriously. It’s not always the best choice, SQL is easier for structured data like user lists or transactions. The main difference is most noSQL databases can handle more varying data structures but can also be slightly more difficult to query as compared to SQL.


Mike Perkowski Can it used for storing other types of data like sounds or pictures and etc?


I know some flavors of noSQL databases can, notably Mongo DB. I personally use google cloud storage for images, videos and audio files.