Hello. In your opinion , what programming language is more simple?

7/2/2019 12:06:36 PM

Mohammad Reza Morawej

2 Answers

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See someone will say C and some will say Python.. Other languages are there also... Bt. Buddy it's entirely on you what u think is easy.... If u have a prior mind that this lang. Is hard it'll be hard for u. If u think this lang.is easy then it will easy for u. So it's totally on mentality.. ......... Whereas:- python has easy and smooth syntax And c is good way to start the journey it's not that easy bt.. It's cool to start then u will be familiar with new words, datatypes and other stuff... Don't think that much.... Just go with anyone either c or python. Starting with these two will build a great backbone to your future journey... See ya!! Hope u liked it.


Mohammad Morawej Python and C.