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What are Jython and CPython ?

6/30/2019 8:27:42 AM

Ayan Fox

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Ayan [#TheManWhoKnewInfinite] Jython - Implementation of Python in Java use JVM CPython - Implementation of Python in C use PVM - Python Virtual Machine at it,s core. This is the most popular version. Sololearn runs CPython. There are python implementation in .NET (IronPython) in Python itself (PyPy) plus more.


Python was introduced as a cross platform programming language adhering to the needs of Every developer.... such as when the intra structural semantics were written with C it was termed CPython..... similarly While written with Java its called JPython


Ayan [#TheManWhoKnewInfinite] check. Jython: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1859865/what-is-jython-and-is-it-useful-at-all CPython: https://www.quora.com/What-is-CPython


To say it in a few words: It lets you use Python with C and Java.