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Pointers in c

Is pointers used necessarily for some programms or they just speed up and optimize the code? Can I deal with c programming without using any pointers?

6/29/2019 6:18:54 PM


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Not knowing pointers is kind of a shot in the foot, since they are kind of important. For a long time, I didn't get them either, and now that I do, it's really great. You can change variables with functions, make a function have any return type, and so on


Without the idea of pointers you wouldn't have some dynamic datastructures too, so they are very necessary for optimizing and abstractioning. They alone do not speed up anything


you can't deal with memory management without pointer


So they are USED FOR optimization but you can write slow and unoptimized code in c that do the same work slower (without pointers)?


No. If you didn't read anything, everyone was saying that it doesn't really speed it up, and that you miss out on essencial parts.


So are pointers important or no?


They are.