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How do people hack

Does ethical hacking require a specific language or something

6/25/2019 7:36:01 AM

Brown Shuga

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Search bar! No Hacking doesn't require a spesific language. But a lot of knowledge of law.


You don’t need to study law to get into ethical hacking. You do need to have written permission from the people who let you do pentesting on their system in order to do it though. You also need to learn the methodology and what steps are in ethical hacking. You don’t need a single language to do it. You need to know what languages you need for the system you are planning to test though. For example, if you are testing a website, you will need to know html, css, javascript, python (if they use python on their server), php (if they use it on their server), mysql, etc. If you are testing a native application, let’s say an iphone app, you will need to know Objective-C or swift (depending on what language the developers used). You will also have to learn different attack types too. Can you use an SQLi? Can you perform XSS? Is there an opportunity for a drive-by-download after phishing a customer’s employees? And if you do use native software, how about post exploitation? Will you need to show the customer that you can take complete control or only partial control? The most important thing about pentesting is the report. Being a hacker is fun, but if you can’t show the customer in writing what the problem is and how to fix it, you are useless to your customers.


What law


I guess all laws related to internet. And some like burglery. Exapmple: if you steal data from a company just to send it to them to proof a point and delete it afterward it's still a robbery because you had to overcome there security system


i agree, in terms of "ethical" you'll need to learn on what you can and cant do based on the law. btw some resource to look at.


Thank everyone for the information on the topic. I appreciate