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[SOLVED] Profile Picture

Where do you go to get yours and other peoples profile picture? I've looked at othw questions and tried them but....it doesn't work. I have an Amazon Kindle Tablet😵😵😳😳😲 Ok all of you can stop answering, i got it thanks😒

6/24/2019 12:39:27 AM


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<img src="https://api.sololearn.com/Uploads/Avatars/10640083.jpg"> This is my profile picture. The numbers 10640083 are my id. Just change the id for the one of the user you want to and that's all.


You need to know the account number for the user, which you can see by sharing their profile and copying to the clipboard. Your number is 13403880 in this link. https://api.sololearn.com/Uploads/Avatars/13403880.jpg


Log into sololearn official website prefferably on a PC, then view page source and copy it on a notepad, if notepad++, presd ctrl f , in the prompt search for img... // alternative Click on the image and inspect it on browser console, youll see something like <img src=""> copy the src value and youre done


John Wells omg thank you so much


Sonic no, i dont. I'm on a tablet and it doesn't have a clipboard,


P.S i don't have a clipboard


Cbr✔[exams] every time i try to log in, it just takes me back to the app


Assassin💞 try it not on mobile phone


go to sololearn.com on your browser long press on your profile picture and open in new tad or windows and copy the link


I updated as I forgot the .jpg.


Assassin💞 everyone has clipboard.


Assassin💞 you do it is just more hidden. See point 4 in this: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/four-essential-kindle-fire-tips-and-tricks/