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Is SQL easy ?

I saw only a few lessons for SQL, so I wonder if it's simple.

6/23/2019 10:33:18 PM


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SQL is designed to be simple. You usually write short queries in more or less natural language. The SoloLearn course on SQL already gives you all the tools you usually need. There are also complex queries, but usually they require more logical thinking instead of in-depth knowledge. You can't practice SQL on SoloLearn, unfortunately, because it only works on databases. There are some little interactive games on the internet such as "SQL Island", however.


Yes, it is. Even some non-programmers (testers) learn SQL.


Visualization of the tables can be a bit complicated, but the langauge itself is fairly simple


Yes it is varry simple and easy and usable, But it is not strong and not safety.



Yaa pretty much easy and you will have to remember the commands....if you practice it you will master sql in no time...its one of the easiest languages here😊


🔻When comparing other programming languages SQL is little bit easy. That's my opinion. 🔻However sql is a querying language therefore it mostly use to retrieve data from relational databases. 🔻And sometimes there might be difficult (😁 not difficult really more complex) queries we have to write when retrieve data. But learning sql concepts is very easy and interesting.


Yes, its an easy query to learn. But, of course you have to understand how it works.


Yes it is easy but u need to understand it logically


It's logical.


the sololearn is a great place for starting. you need your setup and practice area. download SQL Express setup: and the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 18.1: from there you’ll need to register a database instance to tinker around with. Two sites that will hold your hand through the vast majority of your questions


SQl is a pretty easy language but a useful tool to control dayabases. The syntax is pretty easy but you have to take some special care cause sometimes, some things can go wrong very easily. If you want to practice SQL then w3schools is the place you should go. It helped me practice during my SQL courses. You should try it out, if it is feasible. (I am sorry for promoting another website.)


Everything can be easy but first of all understand why you want to learn it and how will you use it. So again SQL is pretty straight forward and easy to learn. Enjoy 👍


Yes it is easy to learn!! once you understand the concept, you will be okay.


claro, es fácil, aunque debes aprenderte la sintaxis


Hi guys. I'm new for here!


It depends on you!


I have been learning SQL for a month now. It seems pretty straight forward, but i wish there was a way to practice.


As others have said, SQL is overall pretty easy. For most people, trying to picture how the JOINS work in your head can probably be the more complicated part of learning it. ^Here is a diagram so you can get a visual of what the JOINS look like and how they work.


Yes it is a part of oracle It contains 3 stages 1-SQL 2-PL/SQL 3-DYNAMIC SQL SQL is looks like little bit easy but pl/SQL is bit difficult