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Android vs flutter ?

I am an Android learner .. from past 6 month I am learning android .. now a days many peoples told me about flutter .. so should I start learning flutter or should I continue android. If your opinion is in favor of flutter then .. tell me from where I can learn flutter ?

6/22/2019 6:29:27 AM

Vyom chandra Gallani

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The main website of flutter has a good starting guide and has a link to a medium blog that develops in deep about flutter programming. However, why "Vs"? You can use kotlin inside flutter design. And flutter + dart is also another way of developing for Android. For me it's easier kotlin/java in Android Studio than flutter + dart. Some designers telling that GUI design in flutter is a delight. So check yourself which is easier and efficient for you


I say android because soon android will get lot of scope


koitlin is better for android apps i think. flutter can be used for ios and fuschia as well. i say koitlin