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This app is safe or not safe

My mobile is hacked

6/21/2019 2:04:06 AM

Logunathan J

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How can this app be not safe? Are your sure your mobile is hacked by this app?


If you think that your mobile was hacked through Sololearn, please send a message to [email protected] and explain what happened. As others said, the possibility is next to 0 though. I never heard anyone claim that the app might be insecure in any way


It's safe as long as you don't disclose personal information and just claim that you are a Superhero Hedgehog living in Antarctica.


This app should be safe. i don't really think it's this app, that you got hacked with. (0.1% possibility)


Yes it is 100% safe.. Unless you don't disclose all your personal information as Sonic already said..


Sonic, don't you slip on all that ice when you train sprints?


i don’t think it’s hacked


As long as you are safe, the app might be as well


As long as your root CA is...


Yup It Is Safe. Actualy I do not have any acount in the mobile version but my brother have an acount on solo learn mobile version.