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female programmer

why there many male programmer than female programmer?

1/23/2017 1:44:46 PM


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It's because females are always right. So when a error says otherwise... *computer thrown out window*


Marketing, social pressure and inertia. Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i08CVkBxvBM Attempting to address the "bro culture" by running with "gender difference" are: http://GirlDevelopIt.com http://www.GirlsWhoCode.com http://www.BlackGirlsCode.com A take on females...from SoloLearn cofounder (TEDx): Play It Right, get an "unfair" advantage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zgAslCY0pA The "Let's Do The Next Generation Better" approach: https://coderdojo.com/ https://www.codeschool.com/ There's also a book: "Nor Crystal Tears" by Alan Dean Foster ...It addresses similar prejudices and deeply-rooted fears in a unique way. I'm not saying everybody should go out and read it, just that it's relevant; you can find a summary spoiler online easily enough.


for your kind information, the first programmer in the world was a female- LADY ADA LOVELACE. ;-)


@Luka who do u think is spreading lies and is hypocrite here


may be the simplest answer is females are less in number as compared to males..... otherwise I don't find any answer


1 male family members don't let them study cuz'they know their woman relative has much better intellectual capabilities than they themselves do 2 other people like you instead of supporting them make fun of them 3 they are not as free as men to choose their life cuz' of the children they have to raise alone as most of the men in the world are busy in building their own careers and demonstrating their superiority


it's a cultural probelm. women are more "social" and men are more into "science". for most women there is never the option, as it's just male biased. even if they find their interest is tending to programminig, they are asked repeatedly why until they choose to switch to a more "female" hobby. as long as we keep asking this question, we keep excluding those who just want to follow their passion without having to justify why they like what they do. (sorry if I missed any mistakes, german autocorrect keeps messing with my words)


saying they are not interested is no answer. and saying it is hard for them is a blatant lie. the thing is, they are so busy in managing their family that the men simply leave to pursue their 'careers' makes it difficult for them to pursue their own careers.


because female have to do wife's job if girl learn programming the memory of programming will lost because someday she will be a wife.


@k4pi5 yeah reading your reply again i got what u were saying. Im sorry for misunderstanding your point...i actually agree with what u wrote. peer pressure on what females and males should be is silly.


@Liam I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, as I said, I'm not a native english speaker, so it's probably just a linguistic problem. I never meant to say, that women are actually more "social" thats what they quotes were there for btw. It's just that women are told so. And if you keep hearing it, some day you start to belief it. It's a Problem the other way as well. Men are often called gay when their hobbys or interests are usually more "feminin". that doesn't mean, that they actually are. but I thought at least the rest of my post was leading in this direktion.


Wow... a lot of these replies are pretty sexist. In the US it is true that there are more male programmers than female however that is not because they are more "social" and less "scienctific" or because they are "braindead" or because males are smarter ... Seriously though where is all this coming from?


as many of men are interested in coding than women .But women are interested in others.


@ahrifox nice joke