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How can I see who visualised my codes and how can I see my friend country on sololearn?


6/18/2019 8:22:44 AM

~ 꼰스탄틴 오니씸 ~

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~ swim ~ Antarctica is where I have been the longest, virtually.


You Can probably click on no. Of upvotes to see who u upvoted you or else buy sololearn can know country in skills of the person,in status+rank


You can test it


Love Info Not sure but i think the ability to see who saw your code is available in pro version only (or perhaps it is only who visited your profile) For country, click on profile, click on skills and you can see the country the person belongs to.


Love Info the country setting is where they claim they are from. It's not always exactly where they're from.


Sonic Yeah right, since when you shifted from India to Antartica? Or Are you really in Antartica?


Sonic Protecting the Environment 😁👍


if you are going to need visualisation you are dealing with BIG DATA


slick Do you mind explaining your reasoning? How are the two connected (visualization and big data) ?


well, it’s not a conection between them, but, it was my first tought in my mind...


Click on profile that you want to see and click on skill now you can see the country the person belong but the other thing encapsulated