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Text editor for python?

6/14/2019 3:26:20 AM

Putra Simbolon

11 Answers

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PyCharm :)))) is the best editor for python! (My opinion)




Text Editor is something completely personally. I would like to code in Atom in Graphical User Interfaces and vi in CLI. You can try and select a text editor which you can write your scripts easily in your mind. Generally I think editor is just like a pen. 😄 Good luck.


Eric6, PyCharm, PyScripter, Sublime Text. On mobile phones: Pydroid3 , QPython, QuickEdit


Thank you!


Atom, sublime, Notepad++, IDLE, VS Code all work. You can use any text editor for python though, as long as you save it with a .py extension


Visual studio code , Atom , Sublime can used for python programming. Hope this helpful.🌸


blanc I share your opinion in my experience Pycharm is the best out there


but how do we run a script with extension .py


Eric6 IDE for Python writen on Python😂