Is there any difference between <stdio> & <stdio.h> in C??


6/11/2019 6:37:59 PM

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Stdio means standard input output Stdio.h means standard input output header file(this is the right syntax for C -lang)$ Difference is clear


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In C, you have to use a .h at the end of every header file so the compiler knows it's a header file


stdio.h is use in C and not C++


in C the stdio must have a .h to enable the compiler know its an header file


.h was used when c was young and not so matured ... But c++ is more matured so it does not use anymore... Disclaimer : some .h header are still used in c++ partially😊


stdio.h is the header file for standard input and output. This is useful for getting the input from the user(Keyboard) and output result text to the monitor(screen). With out this header file, one can not display the results to the users on the screen or cannot input the values through the keyb...


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There is no (standard) <stdio> in C


Yes, there is diffence between these two terms and that is you told to the compiler for std. input output but in 1st one you didn't say that it is a header file but when you add '.h' then only compiler will understand that is a header file. I think, you got it. If yes, Then reply me. Thank you if you want to check then you can run this Code without '.h' https://code.sololearn.com/cP3SE9vm16Wg/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/cLkVgPENPy38/?ref=app


Yep in c if you type <stdio> only it will not import the header file and will show an error but if you type <stdio. h> then only it will import the header file


stdio is not C because no namespace in C. You are forced for add .h for including libs.