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For loop in python

What is the different thing between 'i for i' and 'for i' ?

6/9/2019 7:49:07 PM

Saranyapond Samanrad

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Aah, okay, in comprehensions, I see!


The second one... exists. ;-) Where did you find 'i for i'?


"i for i" can be used to easily make lists or other iterables, where each item follows a certain logic. With timeit.timeit I discovered that "i for i" can take a large list without it even affects it's generation speed much, which means that "i for i" can be faster than "for i". "i for i" only supports one line statements, but that can be fixed by functions. "for i" loops supports multiple lines and can increase readability.


HonFu "i for i" is used within list comprehensions.