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Seeking active help

I'm "attempting" to learn coding, I have been "learning" for a few days now, and I'm enjoying it however I'm having a bit of a hard time with certain concepts and retaining the information without a step by step guide. ex.. I will do well during lessons, even solve parts of blocks I have yet to learn just from context but when I try to just freely practice/ Review what I learned. I just draw blanks, except for. console.log('and other small things') if anyone can offer advice OR mentorship Let me know.

6/9/2019 5:20:27 AM

Josh Calderbank

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Hello. If you're learning it for just few days then give it sometime. Try some coding challenges and logical challenges. Try making some useful concepts' codes. Keep an eye on some articles and books whenever you want. //Give it sometime


it takes a lot of practice. go through the lessons multiple times and each chapter..practice what it taught. you can also learn from other resources like youtube etc. you badically have to sleep and eat coding for awhile until it starts to click..and it WILL click eventually. you will always hit road blocks...even as a professional. they key is to take it in parts until you understand writing in a journal helps as well..make graphs of how a syntax works and make lines connecting how thibgs fit together