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Is the web design industry to crowded?

I notice that alot of ppl who code want to go into web design. On top of that you have all these ads on YouTube that are offering ppl apps to design sites there own self. So I was wondering should I pursue a different avenue like game development or writing software for scientist to use in the lab. It's either that or I do web design and just under cut everyone in my city by charging 20 dollars a site lol.

6/4/2019 8:24:06 PM


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Chris C. The question specifies web design, not web development. Hotboytrue Web design isn't exactly programming or coding related by itself, but I'll let other mods override this assessment as they see fit. In either case, I think this question lends itself toward soliciting arbitrary career advice and non-technical opinions. "Is the web design industry to [sic] crowded?" If you don't feel you have unique value to provide to potential clients, yes. You can charge more if you have your marketing down and the negotiation skills and contracts to back it up. The good thing is that the demand is virtually endless. Everyone wants a new site or to update their existing site -- you just need to find the ones that are ready and willing to pay what you think the services are worth. (If I wanted to undercut everyone, I would just do it for free -- 20 dollars isn't worth the contract liability.) Game development and laboratory software development are also fine choices.


Many people want to get into web development, but not that many people stick with it. Companies are always looking for junior web developers. If you have the drive, then pursue a carrier in web development. Employment of web developers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, Search web development jobs? in google, and it will give you a list of companies in your area that are correctly seeking help. Also its perfectly fine to be freelance, and set your own prices :D


I was also thinking of writing apps for teachers at schools.


Janning Oops ur right 😂