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Julia Programming Language

During a class in my course someone mentioned a language named Julia. Our teacher told us it is a compiled Python, perhaps it has some small differences. Does somebody know something about that language?

6/3/2019 11:01:26 PM

Marcos Correia

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Thanks, Mo Hani! I was doing some research this side, too. It appears to be an interesting language. Maybe the next SL course?


Julia will be the future of data-science as it is known to be faster than the 2 major data-science languages (python and R) it is loaded with libraries and tools, and designed to quickly implement the basic mathematics like matrix expressions and linear algebra. SOURCE: google websites


Trust me julia is the next big thing. No, it's not a compiled python. In fact it's a combination of python's dynamic nature and the speech of c


Marcos Correia yeah, they should probably consider adding it here in SoloLearn


Did you at least look it up before posting this question?


Julia is an Indian programming language which is a clone of python, and is growing in the development market


undePhined This question was asked and answered more than a month ago so take it easy ;)