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Why COTD does not appear on android phones?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

5/31/2019 3:07:27 PM

Divyanshu Singh

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I have an Android phone and I always see COTD.


Unfortunately, I'm not always here. I can miss something. But I saw the latest COTD (Solostatus by Zohir) recently.


Same with iOS device


Igor Makarsky lately the COTD has not been showing in the activity feed but maybe every couple of days from what I have observed... Not saying that it isn't posted. I noticed the infrequency about a month or so ago. *I can only speak from my observation from day to day 365 days a year...


It does show for me. It's only now that they started to display to me this lesson for practice https://www.sololearn.com/learn/4755/ I believe they do A/B testing or this could simply be based on what you answered months ago when they asked if you were a beginner, intermediate or advanced(professional?) coder. You can try sending them feedback via app->settings->feedback->other


Indeed, that COTD also appeared for me


Sonic No, i didn't choose the advanced option when it prompted. And i definitely saw the recent COTD. Last time someone asked about the recent AMA not being visible for some they said they were doing some tests and promptly fixed it. If you feel any experience with the app is not good sending feedback can help.


I can't see any COTD for long time on my Android.


Lord Krishna so do you think that COTD is only shown to professional/advanced coders?


Startnow COTD is Code Of The Day


I also did not see COTD, but only saw how some congratulate other members of the community. I think that since the SoloLearn community is quite large (more than 10,000,000), then some content is not provided to everyone. I think that there is some kind of software logic that controls this.




What is COTD?


Good morning