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Google cloud platform problem

It's a sequel to my NLP chatbot answering machine application. Now this sucks, big time! At first, I have been working in Google cloud platform, instructed by Dialogflow. I've just learned that Dialogflow's material is only available in the US and for Google hosted VoIP numbers. And I live in Finland, not in the US. And Google doesn't offer the Google Voice application in Finland. This seems like an obstacle far greater than I expected.

5/30/2019 4:42:12 AM


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I understand your pain, unfortunately not all countries are treated equal by the tech giants :( I don't know the precise solution but maybe you can try using a web proxy or VPN provider that can mask your IP address and "pretend" that you are actually in the US. I am not sure if this is legit in the first place... a dodgy area to say the least.


That sounds like a good idea, thanks for your response.