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Html, css, js, jquery, php, sql

should i learn it in this order? or how should i learn it :)

1/21/2017 10:23:49 PM


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If you are into web developing, then HTML is probably the first thing you should learn. The question is are you more of a front-end or a back-end web developer? Front-end web developers basically create all the user interfaces, designs of the website and to make the website fully interactive. HTML, CSS, JS and other frameworks like Bootstrap and jQuery play a huge role in this one. Back-end web developers basically create server-side stuff like user authentication, preventing SQL injections or other hacking attempts. For this one, you should master PHP, SQL, or other JS frameworks like Node.js and AJAX. P.S. I'm into back-end for some reason.


html, css, js, sql, php, jquery. That's probably the best order. When you're just starting off you just need to know a little bit of php to access your databases and create login systems so sql is quite important to know beforehand. jquery is convenient but a lot of its functions can be done in plain javascript. for php and sql you'll probably need to download a local server first though like WAMP or XAMP, it makes life a lot easier.