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I’m a beginner from zero what language should I learn as a start !!

5/28/2019 9:30:21 PM

Ahmed Shawky

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I would higly recommend learning C/C++. C++ would arguably be a better choice(given that C is a subset of C++). Once you are through with these, probably next focus on learning Python. Thats it for the starters, don’t think or dwell too much on it as to which ones are the best to learn. It will only confuse you more. Life is already full of complicated things, look forward to simplify by having one less thing to think of. Languages have come and gone, but C/C++ have stood the test of time and will probably enjoy that privilege for a very long time. While learning C/C++, you will cover, the much needed understanding of the following : memory management, Object Oriented Programming concepts, Algorithms/Data Structures(in the form of STL), which will pay off in the future. Aside from this, I would say if you don't have as much time, I would learn a high - level programming language like python or Java. Anyway, it is up to you and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose!

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I would like to suggest u that start from learning C programming,then benefits would be: ✔️after learning C, u can easily learn c++, but then there are oops concepts, do them thoroughly. Whenever u were learning the other languages u would know how easy oops concept is, in the c++. ✔️next,u can now easily learn c# or java,or u can do them side by side,as they r almost similar to each other. ✔️now for gaining more knowledge abt programming,u can learn python,ruby they r also almost similar to each other, Where indentation/spacing is very important,u will see it later when u will learn them. At last i would like to say start learning programming,and then see how much potential ur mind have. Keep learning and best of luck!😊👍


thank you both 🌸