What is the difference between a backend, fronted and full stack developer

5/27/2019 5:39:59 PM


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A backend developer works "behind the scenes". Their work is often not seen by the user but is important nontheless. Examples include network security and the manipulation of databases Front end developers specialize in making the application/webpage look and feel "right". Their jobs entail making the app look pretty, but also to make sure that it's user intuitive Full Stack developers are fluent and capable in BOTH fields, being able to work front- and backend at a moments notice




Full Stack Developer is a developer who known Front End Developing and Back End Developing well Front End Developing is used to make site Good in (interactive) While Back end works behind major function on the site.


Front end -  (the visible parts of a website) Back end -  (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure) Full stack -  (a hybrid of both) Refer to this article for more information : https://skillcrush.com/2017/02/27/front-end-back-end-full-stack/ Thanks


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