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I can't know why the lot's of people want like Storms ?

5/23/2019 1:06:00 PM


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Yup😂 but for some people, inspiration is the boost that they need to become something great... So, even after being a pretty lame system, sololearn still enables likes


Like storm boosts your confidence... Like "Hey, I'm not out of my mind... I do it all right and should keep it up, because they LIKE my works... " That's the spirit actually... 🙂🙂


Pankaj Kumar Maurya 😂😂


AgentSmith why people wants " huge like " Here


Jason Mackjoo I think you are right


Humayra_Islam:)🇧🇩 So these type of people go and join Facebook for boosting Highly Confidence Level 😀😀😂


AgentSmith like storm is liking everything you see from someone's homepage


@Pankaj Ah okay! Thank you for clarification. I get it now. I think it's because of validation, acceptance and the feeling of worth that people get from it. It's kind of like having everyone in your life tell you that they love you and good job on your work, rather than say they hate you or not say anything at all. It's like if you cooked up a meal for your family and they all were like "Wow! That's amazing. Great job on this meal! I love it!" instead of "Wow... this taste like crap. Why did you even cook? I could cook better in my sleep." Ultimately, people often feel passionate about their craft, especially crafts that you share with others, and they want to know that they did a good job because most people feel negative about themselves so they need something external to praise them because they don't praise themselves. @Jason Mackjoo Thanks for educating me on that!


I'm not sure what you're asking, but I think storms/rain/dark clouds look beautiful despite that most people hate stormy weather. I've always seen as much beauty in chaos as I have in order. Again, I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about or not, but if not, clarify your question and I'll help in whatever ways I can.


Aashka Sinha tell me what you think then laugh 😂😂😂


@Jason Mackjoo Can you fill me in on the conversation? I don't think I understand it properly.


I think because people like the limelight and be a celebrity.


Please don't ever upvote anything on my profile that you haven't actually looked at and please don't ever "like storm" me thanks in advance to all readers who listen!