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Rank my own comments and codes?

I think it is very strange that i have an ABILITY to rank (like or dislike) my own comments or codes. Just why? Seems it is not very useful, because i should like anything i make or totally ignore it. Will my own likes increase my xp in profile or makes earning of some achievements a bit faster? Also i am not masochist to dislike my own stuff 🤔

5/22/2019 2:05:42 PM

Сергей Datel777

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You Have To Be Positive All The Time!!!💡 No One Is Perfect!!!😊 🌹👍😃🤗😊✌🌹


My rule for anything that I make/say/do is to not like or dislike it. Because you always have a skewed perspective for your own codes/comments/posts. Let others judge what you made or said. The mean of the total of the responses should reflect the true worth of your code/comment/post. Ofc you have to account for site bias. E.g. here on solo you'll get 80% positive feedback.


Upvoting your own comments is like adding '... and what I just said is so cool!' to everything you say. In the real world almost unspeakable to behave like that. Everybody would laugh about you. On Sololearn, though, it has become hard to find people not upvoting themselves. (And it's not anonymous: Click on the number of upvotes and you see who upvoted - including yourself.)


All of it is completely subjective, so doesn't really matter in many regards. I could dislike everything you do because I don't like your avatar or because I'm a crappy person or from any subjective decision I make. Is that a true assessment of its rank or value? Not at all. However, if I did that, you would at least have the ability to negate it by your own subjective opinion. As well, in most voting systems, one is able to vote for themselves because you're allowed a vote as well as anyone else is. So in a voting system, it makes sense. So I suppose it's left completely in your hands what you do with it. If it bothers you that you're able to express confidence in yourself, then simply stay neutral on it and don't upvote yourself. If you're feeling depressed, downvote yourself. :) Ultimately, it doesn't impact you in any way unless it bothers you that others can like their own stuff, which I suppose is a different personal issue in itself since it doesn't make sense to be bothered by that. lol As far as I'm aware, I don't think it increases your XP, but I haven't really tested that either.


Well it's a bit like the beggar placing a few coins in his jar at the beginning of the day: everyone knows about this trick but it works anyway. In somewhat higher spheres, this is just called Marketing 😂


I almost always upvote myself. I didn't realize that it is like saying that what I just said was so cool. I thought it was more because I am obsessive compulsive. I also don't mind others laughing at me publically. In fact I sometimes enjoy it. But I don't think that makes me a masochist. I am definitely not narcissistic either. Otherwise I wouldn't go around posing as a hedgehog.


@Haris When judging is based solely upon the subjectivity of an individual, it's always skewed because there are no guidelines of making a proper judgment on something's worth. Many people here aren't given the credit they deserve because of language barriers or something of that sort, which isn't a proper assessment of their post or their coding ability. Another example would be the fact that you have a good opinion and I shouldn't downvote it simply because I have a different opinion on it; both are valid opinions because opinions are just that. Nothing wrong with having personal rules that you live by though, so it's certainly an "each to their own" situation. 1 extra vote doesn't typically have the means of skewing the average judgment. That's why something like StackOverflow works better with their voting, it's mostly based upon the objectivity of the post than the subjectivity of it.


Сергей Datel777 You didn't ranked this question of yours ! What happened momentarily lapse of ABILITY ?:) It's human psychology, people get all sorts of kicks(sic) by doing all sorts of things. Brain works on reward-response logic. Not sure if you get XP for liking your own comment(s), i don't do it but it may(try out not sure) help you get few badges like "Good Answer" on 5 upvotes on your comment in case you are stuck on 4 upvotes, you can upvote it to get the badge.


in all honsty, when i looked at this question found it a little funny. You measure your codes' quality based on the views of others. Yes, seeing the views of the coding society around you is good and can be helpful but the whole purpose of xp and levels is to encourage you. Dont let this be only a competition with others but a way to keep track of your personal experiences.


Your upvotes on your own things are not counted for badges or that stuff


@HonFu In the "real" world, having confidence in yourself is perfectly fine, unless you add "and what I just said is so cool!" to the end of "I'm so amazing" that proceeds every conversation you have. lol Fine line between confidence and narcissism. Better to have relentless confidence in yourself instead of the lack thereof though. If you can't find worth in yourself, you'll resort to allowing others to "vote" upon your worth and let them determine that for you, which is a really insane way of going about assessing yourself or the things that you do. The reality is that YOU should be the only person able to give yourself a vote or downvote because it's your own opinion of it that truly matters in these types of things. For here, probably better to remove it and simply have a 'flag' system to deal with inappropriate posts that violate rules or is considered spam. However, if we're talking about code in particular, rather than subjective matters, then I think there should be actual guidelines to assess the worth of the code. That would be a proper judgment based upon actual objective standards, such as the performance, formatting, functionality, completion, <insert whatever the goal is for the code>, etc... If you based it upon actual industry standards, then you could accurately assess it. Anyways, I'm so amazing and what I just said is so cool!! :)


Wow, that's a hefty dose of New Age, Agent! And you actually just invented a method to double upvote yourself. 😂 Having confidence in yourself doesn't have to coincide with praising yourself publicly. Believe in the value of what you say and do - but let others decide if they agree with that and feel like praising you.


Agent, have confidence in yourself, don't think about that one little downvote so much! 😜 (Wasn't me, promise.)


Hahah, first one downvote was me) It just was funny that you reacted so emotionally if you don't care about number of likes. Also your post looked for me more like trolling than completely valid. Yeah, I think no one should be very narcissistic as well as selfish. And I don't know why then participiate in conversations if you are always right. Anyway the actual question was about self-likes, not about all voting system of sololearn. If I can make my code be closer to "popular" codes of other people, I should to do it. Or if I don't need it, why i should make my codes public? So don't self voting looks like a little self harm. I meant that with this logic i should always vote for myself. But better to do it by default or remove that feature.


Сергей Datel777, or you rely on that there are other people around who recognize if someone self-upvotes and who don't approve of it and don't do it themselves. You can just take that tiny hit of -1 upvote - and just not do it. (Yeah, come on, let's do that!)


Sonic Best answer. 😂 😂 😂


My derogatory term for people who upvote their own stuff is 'narcissist'. SL is infested with them, like the plague. That being said, it's perfectly alright to like your own stuff. That's human nature. It's called pride. However, to become a narcissist is a bad thing. The code could be amazing, but if the author upvotes it, I won't even waste my time looking at it.


lol Thanks to the person helping me make my point. My last post received a downvote even though I provided a completely valid opinion and backed it up without being too vague in my points. However, maybe they didn't like the light-hearted joke at the end that played off HonFu's post? Maybe their culture dictates that one shouldn't have outward confidence or humor? Maybe it's someone that I've argued with previously? Maybe they simply disagreed, despite it being a valid opinion? It's really hard to tell, but it certainly helped to make the point that I was trying to make, so thank you for assisting in that endeavor. The point is that it's just as funny and inaccurate to allow anyone to vote upon your worth without proper reasoning or guidelines as it is to allow someone to give their own bias opinion upon themselves.


lolol Сергей Datel777 I'm very energetic and social, but that wasn't any type of negative emotion. My ADD has its pros and cons I guess; I promise it wasn't trolling though. :D It's fun for some people and annoying to others, trust me I get how I am. It just assisted with the point I was making though, so if any emotions were attached, it was that of delight because it allowed me to show what I was talking about with a real example showing up. It also illustrates that each has their own respective right to vote in any which way, including the post creator, which is good. To be honest, I love debates and talking about stuff with you all, so I could sit and do this all day long. Even the simplest points I make turn into paragraphs. :D I love picking the brains of other people and forcing them to elaborate upon their opinions. That's why I think if one votes in any direction, they should elaborate upon their reasoning so the person being judged at least has the means to assess and become better through feedback if necessary. Then again, that's my bias opinion on it because I always elaborate to the people I judge or vote upon. To each their own though, right? To answer your question, that really just depends upon yourself and how YOU feel about it. Obviously, I can give you answers to that question, but should my answer be your truth? Of course not. You have a valid opinion on it and I personally feel that you should do whatever makes you feel best in the process of it all because that's what truly matters since the end result has no actual value here. In my personal opinion, I come from the StackOverflow community, so I think this entire Q&A / voting system is a joke in general and has been out of hand in many ways for the 2 years I've been here. At the same time, it's also a relief from the StackOverflow community also because it's more relaxed in its approach to most things. I remember being new, so my only goal is helping out people here so they stick with programming and not give up on it.


My personal opinion of anyone always go down a notch when I notice them upvoting their own comments and code.