Lets make a group

Hi there i was planning if we people on sololearn could make a whatsapp group for getting connected with each other, we can share our knowledge, we can work on projects, etc if you agree with me then drop down your numbers below 👇

5/21/2019 12:20:03 PM

Preetesh Shirkar

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Preetesh Shirkar seems that it is not possible If this things is happens then many people sharing his personal info Like his account no ,email ,pics,etc Like in what's app but don't worry you can create group in SL


You can also create your own special interest group on Sololearn itself.


https://discord.gg/JuKuU4 ^SoloLearn already has a group that most of us are on. You should join up there; you'll enjoy it.


AgentSmith its discord group but in sololearn it already an group function is available