What is a Standard Template Library (STL)? What are the various types of STL Containers?

Please explain ....any example how to use it ?

5/19/2019 6:31:20 PM


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Ajay Bamniya The STL contains sequencecontainers and associative containers. The standard sequence containers include vector , deque , and list . The standard associative containers are set , multiset , map , multimap , hash_set , hash_map , hash_multisetand hash_multimap . source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Template_Library I hope I was helpful


Thank you Alessio it's helpful ..


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Ajay Bamniya, you're welcome! :)


STL means standard template library STL contains three parts... 1.Containers 2.iterators 3.algorithms *Containers are of 2 types namely sequencial containers and associative containers *sequencial containers They have 3 types 1.Vector 2.List 3.Deque *Associative containers They are of 4 types 1.Map 2.Multimap 3.Set 4.Multi set