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Qus:- Explain the difference between hibernate and Spring?

5/19/2019 10:18:04 AM

Deepika Mourya

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Deepika Mourya https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2841212/what-is-the-difference-between-spring-struts-hibernate-javaserver-faces-tape [Answer Edited] Original text can be viewed in the code link posted later in this thread.


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Harin Mehta you r right but hibernate also used to programme plugins


Hibernate framwork is preferred for database related jobs. It helps in mapping our java object with Database entites. This part is called as Hibernate ORM. There are other parts too like Hibernate validation which helps in form validation. Spring is complete web development framework. It not only has the db compatibility, but also frontend compatibility as well as other required functionalities


Spring 2 develop enterprise (software ) Hibernate mainly for user defined plugins


But jdbc also used to do database related jobs